Anxiety isn't cool, but talking about it is. And that's why we need your help to spread this message.

Help Us Screen Angst in Under-Served Communities

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Thank you to all who support the IndieFlix Foundation. We are already making lives better.

Since our launch October 2017 we have had over 200 screenings in 8 countries and thousands of students, parents educators and professionals have screened Angst and participated in open conversations about mental health. The response has been incredible.

The most common responses:

"I wish this film had existed when I was growing up it would've saved me and my family a lot of heartache."

— Father of 3 kids - NYC

"So glad my dad got to see this movie now he knows I'm not making it up."

— 9 year old student - Chicago, IL

"I'm so grateful that all my friends can see this movie and know what I deal with on a regular basis."

— 14 year old student - York Town, IL

"I never knew that what I was experiencing was severe anxiety I'm so grateful to know that there is treatment"

— 18 year old college student - Seattle, WA

The greatest demand is access to licensed professionals, and working Angst and social emotional learning into the school curriculum.

Together we are normalizing the conversation around mental health and as Michael Phelps in the film says so eloquently, "it's okay to not be okay". We will continue to source and vet tools and resources to share with everyone for free as part of the Angst program.

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